Dude surfs a wave on a dirt bike


Nostalgia – Windows Media Player Skin

http://33.media.tumblr.com/c13a362fee08a2021200540199cb0a25/tumblr_inline_n0cebiqkDg1ritblx.png Wow, I had, used and remember this skin… Right before I found WinAmp and right before I switched to Linux completely.

Nature threw a rave

Google Drive Synced for Ubuntu

OK, so I’ve been finding myself using GDrive more and more but missing the sync capabilities as with DropBox and of course there is no Linux client/integration because why would anyone want to do that….

Anual Post

It seems only fitting that just over a year later I perform what appears now to be my annual post to a site that is supposed to be all about writing. At least I have…

Pics from Jamaica

A few pictures from Jamaica have been uploaded to the photo album. This is one of my favorites.    

Got lost there for a bit

But as before, I’m back and with some interesting thoughts, links, notes other. For starters, check out this video from YouTube – Edinburgh to Sky.

Camera be dead

And it was after years of missed shots and failures to flash…