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Welcome to www.Scríobha.im.

This is a labor of necessity more than anything else. I’ve simply outgrown the features and capabilities of Modwest Hosting and the ideas behind the other domains I’ve had in the past. Below are what I hope will be the stock questions with answers, but if you need more info please contact me…

What does it mean?

Well, as the tag line says, it’s an Irish verb for the present tense of I write. I hope the translator was accurate or I’ll feel like one of those idiots with “Dumb American” tattooed in Kanji characters on their arms.

Why www.Scríobha.im?

I have been playing around with domain names for quite some time (generally on a whim) and have had many. I kept looking for the unique domain that would fit me and house anything I might concoct in the future. Scríobhaim seems to sum up many of the things I do. I write code. I write documentation. I write in my head. I write for fun. I write my thoughts. I write tutorials. I write “I think this is it….”.

Shameless plug

If you are interested in my skill set as a web/portal based developer please contact me john_dot_lawson_at_scriobha_dot_im for more information (note the anti-spam dot and at). You can also check out my resume.

Final Thoughts

I hope the content in this site is useful, funny, informative, enlightening, eye-opening and it is one or more of these to someone other than myself. I write only partially to satisfy my narcissistic tendencies.

-John Lawson-Bradfield