How to run XMind from http://www.xmind.net on a Fedora 9 install as a Launcher or in general from outside the install folder.

First off, XMind is a mind mapping program that I started using on a Mac, transferred to an Eclipse 3.4 plugin and have since downloaded and installed on any computer I have including my Linux machines at home. That said, there is a bit of an oddity when running it under linux. I couldn’t find any information on how to run the executable from outside of the unzipped folder. I have found that fix and wanted to share for anyone else who has had this issue. Below is what I have in place on a Fedora 9 install with Sun JDK 1.5.0…

  1. Download the XMind Portable from their site
  2. Unzip to /usr/local/xmind-portable/
  3. Rename XMind for Linux to XMind-Linux
  4. Open the config.ini file from XMind-Linux folder
  5. Edit any paths to reflect your location of /usr/local/xmind-portable/XMind-Linux/
  6. Copy all the values in this file and edit the lines to be a single line
  7. Create your shortcut to /usr/local/xmind-portable/XMind-Linux/xmind and append the single line from step 6
  8. Done!